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Do you want to invest finance in the extraction of coins, but do not have the opportunity to purchase expensive special equipment? Now, to increase personal earnings, it is enough to rent the power of remote servers for mining. Advantages: frees the user from the costs of electricity, software and 24-hour monitoring.

The operating principle of cloud mining

The main task of users is to accelerate the extraction of coins and increase their own earnings. Companies acting in the role of a server make a profit at the expense of the commission and receive payment for the rental of capacities.

In order for the operation to be confirmed, it must be part of the block together with the mathematical structure of the performed action. To obtain such evidence will help connect specialized equipment (design capacity). According to the theory, it is possible to carry out the calculation independently. However, this type of work occupies enormous time intervals, which leaves no time for sleep or earnings.

On average, the confirmation and search for one block takes about 10 minutes. Acceleration of the process was due to the connection of specialized equipment and the association of users in communities (pools). This is an automatic process, no miner can control it. At what point a new block will be created and confirmed, only the network itself knows.

Obtaining evidence about previous operations depends on past blocks. The presence of confirmatory actions makes it possible to form a clear structure with a chronological order of actions. That is why it is impossible to implement a cancellation of a transaction within the network.

The appearance of a pair of blocks at the same time, puts the equipment before the choice. First, the first block is processed, then the power is switched to a longer chain. The peculiarity of this work is the impossibility of exchange. Pooled users can not increase their income through fraud. To forge bitcoins or to carry out illegal actions is impossible. Bitcoin is able at any time to reject a block based on unreliable or distorted information. Actions transcribing the rules of work are blocked automatically.

According to experts, cloud mining may be subject to a crisis. However, under the impact, in most cases, individual miners fall. Users, united in whole communities, practically do not suffer from force majeure situations.

Ways of earning: all pros and cons

In general, cloud mining allows to use the capacity of remote data storage and processing centers in the mode of lease. You do not need to spend money on assembling a whole farm and trying to get expensive equipment. This issue is completely solved by cloud mining.

What do you need to earn money? The usual stationary computer, for maintenance of communication, well and itself bitkoin-a purse. Is this way of making money profitable?

The main advantages are:

  • absence of excessive equipment costs;
  • no need to pay debts for electricity;
  • no problems with cooling equipment;
  • no problems with the failure of capacity.

In fact, the user does not worry about anything. He pays his rent, is engaged in collective extraction and cashes in accumulated coins. The only drawback of this method of obtaining finance is the lack of control and flexibility. The entire process is controlled by the "owners" of the servers. So do not forget about the risks.

The main types of cloud mining

To date, there are three main types of remote server for mining. You can earn finance by renting a mining machine (using remote equipment), mining on a virtual server, and leasing computing power.

Using remote equipment

What is the use of remote equipment? Users pay a monthly rent to the owner. It, in turn, guarantees access to a wide range of ASIC mining systems. Miner can also rent a physical machine. This is true if the user does not want to join the community (pools).

Some miners are working hard to create their own coin production farm. However, this way of earning is more expensive and requires some knowledge.

Mining on a virtual server

The best way to get blood money is to enlist the support of a competent server. Popular platforms are Amazon's EC2 and Digitalocean.

Server for Mining Server for Mining

Platform Amazon's EC2 is based on the Scrypt algorithm. Cooperation is carried out at the expense of rent payment. The owners of the server offer different tariff plans, with a prepayment for a year or a payment after the fact. An economical profit model is the "spot instance" option. Thanks to the availability of this function, all users can divide the rate by compute time at the price they are willing to pay. If the computing power is not involved, they can be picked up by another user, but at a higher cost.

Digital ocean Is a VPS service that operates according to a simple algorithm. The payment for use is made after the fact. This way of earning is rapidly gaining popularity. Even the most minimal tariffs guarantee the growth of coins. It's easy to use the server, you should choose the tariff plan and start mining.

Rental of computing power

If there is no desire to rent remote equipment or becomes part of a combined server, alternative is the lease of computing power. The user is invited to pay attention to:

  • Cloud Hashing;
  • E-Pickaxe;
  • Bit-Miner;
  • io;
  • Nimbus Mining.

Cloud Hashing offers to choose the necessary power of hashing and conclude an annual contract from 40 to 600 gigashes per second.

Server for Mining Server for Mining

E-Pickaxe allows you to enter into an annual or perpetual contract. Payment is carried out exclusively in bitcoins. The main advantage of the service is the lack of agreement on the number of gigashes.

Bit-Miner based on collective extraction. The service offers a competitive price and rental ball. Various assets are presented to the user. allows you to simultaneously trade gigais and engage in the extraction of currencies. The user is encouraged to generate revenue through cloud mining or play on the price difference.

Nimbus Mining offers annual contracts for computing equipment.

What will happen in the end

Currently, bitcoin mining is problematic. The user invests a lot of money, but does not receive decent earnings. The complexity of mining increased by 73%. Experienced miners recommend to refuse to purchase their own equipment and start the way from the lease. And yes, it is problematic to get a decent profit without uniting into the community.



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