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Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Status of the Bitcoin Cash project by the end of the year

Appeared less than six months ago as a result of Bitcoin's bitterness, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network was able to survive and acquire its community and even begins to create its own infrastructure ....
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

The ban on ICO in China led to the spread of fraudulent altcoyins

This week, Xinhua, the official news agency of the government of the People's Republic of China, reported that for 2017 year law enforcement agencies of the country stopped the activities of 107 fraudulent altcoyins ....

Bitcoin Analysis

Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

What happens with the price of bitcoin or it's time to forget about China

As can be seen recently, the bitcoin rate is still in a very unstable phase. Despite some small ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Investing in the crypto currency: investors with Wall Street advise to diversify investments

It's no secret that many experts of the financial sector, as well as Wall Street investors, pay close attention to various crypto-currencies, especially ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

How a blockbuster can change the way you do business in 2018

The technology of blockade turns into a reliable and valuable force in the digital and business world. It has an application practically in ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

The cost of the Etherium is growing despite the problems of its network

For the first time last week, Ethereum (ETH, Efirium) has grown to more than 1200 dollars. With this, the crypto currency has restored its place ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

What is a crypto currency?

Today in the era of digital technologies, people have learned not only to work and communicate despite state boundaries and ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

What will happen with the crypto currency in the medium term?

The past day was for the crypto currency market not the best in history: the market capitalization was reduced almost twofold from ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

The world needs a new currency - crypto currency

Tim Draper, founder of the venture company Draper Fisher Jurvetson, states that the world needs a new type of currency and suggests that ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

The market of crypto-currency has collapsed after defeating the last anti-record. Analysis

These days will be remembered by many investors, as the time of a record fall in the market of crypto-currencies. In just a few hours, the courses of many crypto ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Visa and Mastercard began to charge an additional interest for the purchase of crypto currency?

There are many reasons why so many people use the exchange kriptovaltut Coinbase. One of the main factors is that ...


CoinMarketCap launches a "more reliable" API

Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).
«Наши выпуски новых продуктов показывают, что мы постоянно обновляемся и стремимся помочь в расширении использования криптовалюты. Если вы также верите в то, чего мы хотим...

The British parliamentarian refused to hold the position of adviser ...

Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).
Names of participants (separate with a comma).

OTC market Bitcoin: that's where the billion-dollar deals are concluded

Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).
The prices of the crypto-market are unpredictable and often show high variability. Even large-scale assets, like bitcoin and etherium, can change the price of 3-10% per day. If the market ...

Payment systems

Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

PAYEER - Registration, overview of the cabinet, ordering the card

Make payments worldwide! PAYEER supports more than 200 countries! If you work on the Internet and are connected with electronic currencies, then you know how much now ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

NixMoney - Cybercurrency of the future.

"High technology protects your investment!" Today we will consider one of the payment systems, which appeared relatively recently, but already managed to gain users' trust and popularity ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Advanced Cash

Advanced Cash - Деньги + Интернет = Просто В поисках заработка в интернете, вы наверняка задавались вопросом: «Как конвертировать электронную валюту в фиатную?»В интернете существуют различные способы обмена электронных валют,...

Review of Crypto-Currency

Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Basic Crypto-currencies

Two steps back If you look at the top lines of the crypto currency top today, then the picture of the general fall in the rate of all major crypto-currencies will open. It seems that all the major digital ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Crypto currency tax

Economist: Russia will try to use the Crypto-currency in Russia As explained by Sergei Hestanov, despite the modernity of such a payment facility, it has its shortcomings in terms of ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Young Ctrifts 2017

The world's most tricky crypto currency Read also: Bitcoin has become a source of inspiration for many alternative digital currencies that try to duplicate its success. Despite the fact that their investment ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

What you need to know for secure trading of crypto currency

Внимание к криптовалютной торговле продолжает расти. Стремительный рост биткоина, который мы наблюдаем по сегодняшний день,...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Coins sent to the wrong address - one of the types of earnings of operators of exchanges

The exchanges benefit from user-made mistakes when sending coins to the wrong addresses, charging large ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

TOP-5 pools for mining bitcoins

Despite the creation of new virtual currencies, bitcoin remains the most popular. With the growing interest in bitcoin ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Bitcoin v. Bitcoin Cash. Ronnie Moas gives advice to investors

It's not a secret that the relationship between the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash supporters has been around for a long time ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Vitalik Buterin published a review of the concept of Zk-STARK in his blog

The founder of the Ethereum platform, Vitalik Buterin, recently posted an article in his blog, which gives ...


Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Bitmain threatens to lose one of the key patents

Against the leading manufacturer of miner equipment - the Chinese company Bitmain, a lawsuit was filed demanding to withdraw the patent for the power system, due to low power consumption ensuring ASIC ...


Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

NYNJA launches an instant messenger with a trading platform and its own crypto-economics

Торговые площадки NYNJA позволят пользователям продавать и покупать товары, предлагать и использовать услуги повсеместно благодаря возможности использования открытого программного интерфейса (API), а также благодаря...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

The value of the Augur crypto currency increased by 75% in half an hour

On Friday, 11 May, the opportunity to trade Aurus' crypto currency in pairs with bitcoin, ether and Binance Coin appeared on the major Hong Kong stock exchange Binance. Representatives of the site ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Yodse platform implements block-technology for communication between producers and buyers of manufactured goods

Экосистема Yodse для своих пользователей, представленных в лице производителей, сервисных компаний и покупателей, обеспечит выгодное и быстрое взаимодействие для осуществления купли-продажи товаров промышленного назначения....
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