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Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Dash and Monero updated historical highs

The price of the crypto currency Dash updated a new historical maximum, for the first time exceeding the mark in $ 590. Over the past day, it has grown more than 20% and is now trading ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Pavel Durov prepares the launch of the Gram crypto currency

The creator of VKontakte and Telegram Pavel Durov is preparing to release his own crypto currency under the name Gram, said a former employee of VKontakte and subordinate Durov Anton Rosenberg. He considers,...

Bitcoin Analysis

Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

More and more scientists are studying Bitcoin

It seems that in addition to Dima Bilan, the media did not bury anyone as often as bitcoin. But if the first do not like ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

The market of crypto-currencies today: Ripple grows against the background of the general fall

The general crypto-currency market seems to have completed the correction, which reduced the total capitalization to 450 billion USD last week, ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Analysis of the bitcoin course 24 January 2018 year

Strong demand for the mark in $ 10'000, apparently, not only neutralized the bearish outlook for bitcoin, but it also seems to open ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Analysis of bitcoin 29.01.2018: the bottom is passed

The past week can be called neutral-positive for bulls: there were no serious falls, as well as rapid growth. ABOUT...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Why Segwit2x is doomed to failure

Ariel Deschapelle is a teacher of javascript developers with a full stack in the Ironhack program for encoding a bootcamp in Miami and ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Bitcoin continues its rapid growth

Today Bitcoin continues to show steady growth, having received an increase in its value per day in 9,35%. The market of altcoys also ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Capitalization bitkoyna reach $ 5 trillion. in the next 10 years

Co-founder of the digital currency purse Bitewallet bitkoyinov and chief marketing specialist (CMO), Aaron Lasher, suggested that the leading crypto currency ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Overview and prospects of the market 5.05.2018

The outgoing week has become, in many ways, positive for holders of crypto-currency assets. Despite the fact that many expect the possible ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Crypto-currency exchange rates: the market began correction

Over the past day, the Crypto currency market has reduced its capitalization below the level of 400 billion. The reason for this was a correction after ...


CoinMarketCap launches a "more reliable" API

Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).
«Наши выпуски новых продуктов показывают, что мы постоянно обновляемся и стремимся помочь в расширении использования криптовалюты. Если вы также верите в то, чего мы хотим...

The British parliamentarian refused to hold the position of adviser ...

Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).
Names of participants (separate with a comma).

OTC market Bitcoin: that's where the billion-dollar deals are concluded

Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).
The prices of the crypto-market are unpredictable and often show high variability. Even large-scale assets, like bitcoin and etherium, can change the price of 3-10% per day. If the market ...

Payment systems

Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

NixMoney - Cybercurrency of the future.

"High technology protects your investment!" Today we will consider one of the payment systems, which appeared relatively recently, but already managed to gain users' trust and popularity ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Monitoring of exchange offices BestChange.com

The ability to quickly compare the most popular exchangers and choose the most profitable rate with the least commission. Those who work with e-currencies and various purses ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

PAYEER - Registration, overview of the cabinet, ordering the card

Make payments worldwide! PAYEER supports more than 200 countries! If you work on the Internet and are connected with electronic currencies, then you know how much now ...

Review of Crypto-Currency

Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Basic Crypto-currencies

Two steps back If you look at the top lines of the crypto currency top today, then the picture of the general fall in the rate of all major crypto-currencies will open. It seems that all the major digital ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Crypto currency tax

Economist: Russia will try to use the Crypto-currency in Russia As explained by Sergei Hestanov, despite the modernity of such a payment facility, it has its shortcomings in terms of ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Young Ctrifts 2017

The world's most tricky crypto currency Read also: Bitcoin has become a source of inspiration for many alternative digital currencies that try to duplicate its success. Despite the fact that their investment ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

How to write an Ethereum smart contract from scratch?

One of the most popular features of Ethereum is a smart contract. More and more people want to create and work ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

How do commissions work on transactions in bitcoins and why are they so high

This article is designed to eliminate the misconceptions about the commission and help users make more intelligent decisions ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Which altcoyins are most beneficial for mincing and why?

Всем известно, что майнинг биткоин можно совершать непосредственно из дома. Но новичкам в этой сфере стоит учесть,...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Casper - a new update of the network Ethereum

Ethereum has long been one of the leading crypto currency, it has had a significant impact on the market ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

TOP-5 pools for mining bitcoins

Despite the creation of new virtual currencies, bitcoin remains the most popular. With the growing interest in bitcoin ...


Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

How to choose good assiks for Bitcoin mining

Most often, interest in the mining of bitcoins and other crypto-currencies occurs when their rate increases. In this case, people consider the production of coins, as the cheapest ...


Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

ICO regulation in Thailand comes into force 16-th July

In Russia, the crypto-currency is recognized as property, mining is recognized as an enterprise, the rules for conducting ICO will be tightened, and the crypto-investors will contribute to the Central Bank's register. The rating is particularly friendly and ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

The Alibaba T-Mall will transfer cross-border supply chains to the blockhouse

Recall, in the middle of last year it became known that the Chinese giant of Internet commerce Alibaba Group in partnership with the New Zealand dairy company Fonterra, the manufacturer of vitamins Blackmores, ...
Crypto currency (bitcoin, etherium, altcoin).

Booking giant Expedia refuses Bitcoin

Члены крипто комьюнити немедленно отправились на Reddit, чтобы выразить свои опасения. Некоторые предполагают, что перейдут на более крипто-дружественные сайты вроде CheapAir, которые принимают биткоин...
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